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Episode Studies
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This is PopApostle's study of the Expendables movie series and the prequel comic book mini-series from Dynamite Entertainment. Here, I an presenting my studies relating to each, such as commentary on the weapons and equipment used by the characters, references to earlier action films, sound bits of memorable dialog, screen grabs and my own musings.


I am continuing to use the term "episode" here as I have elsewhere on PopApostle, as a separable piece in the continuous narrative of a larger story.

The Expendables: THE NIGERIAN PRINCE The Expendables: The Snatch Job The Expendables: The Love Boat The Expendables: The Wrap-Up The Expendables
"THE NIGERIAN PRINCE" "The Snatch Job" "The Love Boat" "The Wrap-Up" The Expendables
The Expendables #1
The Expendables #2
The Expendables #3
The Expendables #4
An American mercenary group of elite warriors calling themselves the Expendables takes on a mission in Nigeria.  The team takes on a new assignment, to run a catch and grab on a protected Russian national suspected of raping and murdering the daughter of a Washington official.  The team launches a risky plan to capture Gosprovich.  The Expendables pull off the snatch in the Black Sea; meanwhile, Tool faces down a violent L.A. street gang alone.  The Expendables take on a military ruler and his ex-CIA sponsor after a coup on the Latin American island nation of Vilena.
The Expendables 2 The Expendables 3 The Expendables 4    
The Expendables 2 The Expendables 3 The Expendables 4    
Movie Movie Movie
A seemingly simple operation for the Expendables turns into a mission of revenge. When the Expendables run up against a ruthless former member with dire consequences, Barney decides it's time for new, young blood to make the team. The Expendables take on a mission to expose the identity of an old foe of Barney's code-named Ocelot.