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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

The Expendables 3 The Expendables 3
Story by Sylvester Stallone
Screenplay by Katrin Benedikt, Creighton Rothenberger, and Sylvester Stallone
Directed by Patrick Hughes


When the Expendables run up against a ruthless former member with dire consequences, Barney decides it's time for new, young blood to make the team.


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Characters appearing or mentioned in this film


(Where relative, I have added the name of the actor who plays the character in the movies for aid in visualizing the characters)


Denzali Prison warden (unnamed, deceased)

Gunner Jensen (actor Dolph Lundgren)

Lee Christmas (actor Jason Statham)

Toll Road (actor Randy Couture)

Barney Ross (actor Sylvester Stallone)

Doc (actor Wesley Snipes)

Church (mentioned only, played by Bruce Willis in the previous films)

Hammer (mentioned only)

Woodsman (mentioned only)

Victor Minns (alias used by Conrad Stonebanks)

Conrad Stonebanks (actor Mel Gibson)

Dr. Claude Albertson (mentioned only)

Trench Mauser (actor Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Dr. Paul Hart (mentioned only)

Operations Officer Drummer (actor Harrison Ford)

Bonaparte (actor Kelsey Grammer)

Thorn (actor Glen Powell)

Luna (actress Ronda Rousey)

Felipe Silva (alias used by Galgo)

Galgo (actor Antonio Banderas)

Mars (actor Victor Ortiz)

John Smilee (actor Kellan Lutz)

Goran Vata (actor Robert Davi)

Mingo (mentioned only)

Tiger (mentioned only)

Torres (mentioned only)

Azmenistan military leader (unnamed)

Yin Yang (actor Jet Li) 


Didja Know?


Unlike the previous films in the series, The Expendables 3 is rated PG-13 instead of R.


Didja Notice?


The movie opens with an armored prison transport train heading for Denzali Prison. This is a fictitious prison. It's not revealed what country this prison is supposed to be in.


The man who steps in front of the portrait of the prison warden at 0:46 on the Blu-ray is, of course, the warden himself.


The helicopter Barney flies 1:03 on the Blu-ray is a Eurocopter MBB BO-105. The manufacturer is now known as Airbus Helicopters. The registration is seen to be EX-501B; the EX indicates it is registered in Kyrgyzstan, a country in Central Asia. The EX may also be a nod to the copter belonging to the EXpendables.


Gunner and Toll Road carry M4A1 Carbine rifles during the train ambush. A number of these are also seen in use by various combatants during the battle in the last act of the film.


At 1:25 on the Blu-ray, Lee and Toll Road jump onto the right-hand side of the helicopter and Gunner on the left. But seconds later, they are on the opposite sides!


AK-47 variant machine guns are used by most of the guards on the train and by Stonebanks' men throughout the film.


Barney is seen to wear a Richard Mille RM 032 Ti watch in this film.


The large, manned machine gun that rises up from the prison train for protection is a KPV Heavy Machine Gun.


The Expendables' airplane first seen on the runway at 5:41 on the Blu-ray is an Antonov An-26.


Doc mentions the names of two past members of the Expendables, Hammer and Woodsman. Barney tells him they are both gone. It's not clear if he means they are dead or just left the team.


At 6:40 on the Blu-ray, Gunner is wearing a tank top that says "Sore Loser" on the front.


On the plane ride to Mogadishu, Toll Road remarks to Doc that he heard he'd killed more people than the Plague. "The Plague" is a reference to the Black Death, an epidemic of Bubonic Plague that swept Europe, Asia, and Africa in the 14th Century, killing about 50 million people.


Doc is also known as Doctor Death.


When Toll Road asks Doc what he was imprisoned for, Doc says "tax evasion." This is an in-joke to actor Wesley Snipes' own conviction on tax evasion in 2008 (which prevented him from taking the role of Hale Caesar in 2010's The Expendables).


Doc says the Expendables started out with 5 members and built up to a peak of 22 at one point.


This film reveals that Barney hangs the dog tags of fallen members of the Expendables in the Expendables' plane.


When asking for the loan of his blade, Doc refers to Gunner as Viking. Gunner is Swedish and the Vikings were Scandinavian warriors and seafarers in the 8th to 11th Centuries.


Barney tells Lee that Doc tried pulling off a political assassination in Swaziland and blew it, landing him in prison. Swaziland is a tiny nation in southern Africa.


When Doc asks Lee if his Expendables tattoo is real, Lee tells him no, he spends 3 hours every day putting it on with a black biro. "Biro" is a term used in many countries for a ballpoint pen, named for its inventor, László Bíró (1899-1985).


The position of Doc's arm on or off the back of Lee's chair in the cockpit of the plane keeps changing back-and-forth from shot-to-shot from 10:14-10:56 on the Blu-ray.


Doc remarks that he's looking forward to driving his '49 Pontiac.


Barney tells Doc they're delivering a shipment of thermobaric bombs to Victor Minns. This is Barney's way of saying they're supposed to take Minns down, they're not actually delivering something. Thermobaric bombs are bombs that use oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere to generate a high-temperature explosion with a blast wave that lasts longer than the typical explosive.


At 12:22 on the Blu-ray, the ship seen on the ocean is from FESCO (Far East Shipping Company), a Russian company.


The Expendables arrive in Mogadishu, Somalia to make their delivery of thermobaric bombs to Victor Minns. Mogadishu is the capital city of Somalia, Africa.


The cargo ship seen in port in Mogadishu at 12:31 on the Blu-ray is the Zamorin. Other ships named the Ruby and the Cecile are seen at 12:36 and 13:56.


At 13:40 on the Blu-ray, Toll Road hands Caesar an M134 Minigun which he uses later during the Mogadishu operation.


Doc uses a Steyr AUG rifle during the operation in Mogadishu and during the battle in the final act of the film.


According to the Internet Movie Firearms Database, the rifle Barney carries in Mogadishu and during the final battle is a Noveske/Colt Hybrid.


Toll Road uses an FN Minimi Paratrooper machine gun during the Mogadishu operation and during the battle in the last act of the film.


The helicopter with Stonebanks aboard that lands at the Port of Mogadishu at 17:42 on the Blu-ray is a Eurocopter AS565 MB Panther.


Some of Stonebanks' men have GP-25 grenade launchers mounted to their AK rifles.


Stonebanks carries and uses a Smith & Wesson Model 500 pistol throughout the film.


The pick-up truck Doc drops Barney down in front of at 19:17 on the Blu-ray is a Mitsubishi Pajero (known as a Montero in the U.S.). The gun mounted in the bed is a PKM Machine Gun, produced in Russia.


The bus seen at 19:50 on the Blu-ray is a Chavdar 11 G5. Chavdar was a Bulgarian bus manufacturer that went out of business in 1999.


The enemy pick-up trucks that first pursue the Expendables into the warehouse are a Nissan and a 1986 Toyota Hilux.


The truck the Expendables commandeer at 21:21 on the Blu-ray is a Mercedes-Benz Atego.


The large green truck that parallels the Atego when Lee commandeers it is a Volvo FH.


Lee uses a SIG-Sauer P226 against the driver of the Atego. Several of the Expendables use the same type of pistol at various points in the film.


The enemy vehicle chasing the Atego at 21:37 on the Blu-ray is a 1981 Peugeot P4.


The truck that chases the Atego out of the warehouse is a chopped up 1991 Chrysler Voyager minivan.


The junked car seen at 22:53 on the Blu-ray is a 1987 Audi 80 B3.S


The vehicle chasing the Expendables that flips over at 22:19 on the Blu-ray is a Toyota Land Cruiser J70.


Lee Christmas, Hale Caesar, and Gunner all appear to be wearing the same model of Panerai watch in the film.


Stonebanks shoots Caesar with a Heckler & Koch G36C rifle. Lee carries one of these during the final battle in the last act of the film.


At 25:14 on the Blu-ray, notice that Doc appears to be praying silently over Caesar's badly-injured body.


At 25:44 on the Blu-ray, we see that Caesar has been taken to Parish Memorial Hospital. It's not clear what city it's in, though presumably New Orleans since the team seems to be based there in past films. As far as I can tell, this is a fictitious hospital.


Trench is seen smoking actor Arnold Schwarzenegger's trademark cigars throughout the film.


I don't know if it was an intentional pun, but the hospital P.A. system requests "Dr. Hart to cardiology" at 27:16 on the Blu-ray! Cardiology is the branch of medicine dealing with the heart.


Drummer's car is a 1998 Lincoln Town Car.


Drummer tells Barney that Church is "out of the picture". This is somewhat of an in-joke to the fact that Bruce Willis' character of Church does not appear due to a dispute in negotiating his fee for appearing in the picture.


The art auction Stonebanks attends is in Moscow, Russia.


At 29:59 on the Blu-ray, the Expendables meet at a bar called Rusty's. Another business called Red Song is seen next door to it. These are fictitious establishments as far as I can tell. Near the end of the film, Rusty's is seen to be on Pierre Street; this is an actual street in New Orleans. The truck driving past Rusty's is a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado. The song playing in Rusty's is "Baptized In Dirty Water" by Chris Thomas King (2006).


Stonebanks' green delivery van at 32:46 on the Blu-ray is an Iveco Daily.


Barney meets up with Bonaparte in Las Vegas. The song that plays in this scene is "Come With Me Now" by KONGOS (2011).


When Bonaparte tries to remind Barney that Stonebanks is dead, he adds, "Mortuus diu." This is Latin for "Long dead."


Barney and Bonaparte recruit Thorn at Grand Teton, Wyoming. Grand Teton is the highest mountain in Grand Teton National Park. Bonaparte tells Barney that Thorn once hacked into Seattle's central operating system and shut down the city for three days. The music that plays on the soundtrack of this scene is "Delirium" by Euphoria (2007).


When Barney sees Thorn climbing the side of the mountain freestyle, he says, "I could do that." This is probably a reference to Stallone's 1993 film Cliffhanger, in which he played a mountain climber.


The business jet Bonaparte pilots at 36:08 on the Blu-ray is an Aero Commander 1121 Jet Commander.


Barney and Bonaparte recruit Luna in New York City. The song playing at the club in this scene is "Meteor" by Eric Vasquez, Spencer Blair, and Simon Curtis (2014).


Barney and Bonaparte meet Galgo in Apace Junction, Arizona. The car they drive there is a 2013 Great Wall Haval H8. Great Wall is a Chinese automobile manufacturer whose vehicles are very rarely seen in the United States, so it's kind of out-of-place in Arizona...especially considering it has a Spain license plate! Of course, the film was shot mostly in Bulgaria, so they used what was on hand, but you'd think they'd at least get a U.S. plate on it. Billboard advertisements for the Haval H8 are also seen in Bucharest at 53:26 and 54:19 on the Blu-ray, so it must be sponsored product placement.


As he's trying to convince Barney and Bonaparte to accept him, Galgo mentions Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth. The Fountain of Youth is a myth that has been popular in numerous cultures for thousands of years as a fresh water spring that restores the youth of anyone who drinks from it. Currently, it is most popularly known in the West as the folly of Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon, who allegedly searched for it in the New World in what is now Florida; however, the story of de Leon's obsession with finding the Fountain of Youth is now considered to be largely apocryphal by historians.


The helicopters flying over Edwards Air Force Base at 41:10 on the Blu-ray are Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks.


Bonaparte tells Barney he found Mars at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and tells him to Google it. DARPA develops new technology for the U.S. military.


The song playing during the meeting with Mars is "A Light That Never Comes" by Linkin Park (2013).


Bonaparte uses the affectionate nickname "Marlito" with Mars.


Mars demonstrates an XM25 assault rifle to Barney and Bonaparte. This is a real weapon being tested by Heckler & Koch for the U.S. Army.


Barney and Bonaparte recruit John Smilee in Juarez, Mexico. The song playing during their meeting is "Calle Callejero" by Wisin & Yandel (2005). During this scene, Bonaparte is wearing a tourist-style shirt advertising Jamaica, an island country in the Caribbean Sea.


Smilee's motorcycle in Juarez is a 2008 BMW F 800 GS. At 44:34 on the Blu-ray, the brake light on the rear of the motorcycle is flickering for some reason when he hasn't even started or mounted it yet.


The car Bonaparte and Barney drive away in at 44:56 on the Blu-ray appears to be an early Ford Mustang convertible (around 1965).


At 45:27 on the Blu-ray, it appears that Barney may own an aviation business, Ross & Co. Aviation. The hangar seen here is not the same one seen in The Expendables and The Expendables 2 with the faded Spiders Aircraft name on it.


Barney's truck, parked in front of Ross & Co. Aviation, is a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.


Drummer tells Barney he can find Stonebanks in Bucharest for the next 36 hours. Bucharest is the capital city of Romania.


Drummer tells Barney "they" want Stonebanks taken alive to be tried at The Hague for war crimes. The Hague is the government seat of the Netherlands and the home of the International Criminal Court which handles trials of international import such as war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.


At 48:11 on the Blu-ray, a banner for Continental Tire can be seen hanging in the hangar at Ross & Co. Aviation.


At 50:44 on the Blu-ray, Stonebanks' CIA file states he is 6'3" tall, but actor Gibson is reportedly under 6'.


The song that plays during the old-Expendables montage is "Ticking Bomb" by Aloe Blacc (2013).


At 51:13 on the Blu-ray, Lee is drinking a Bud Light beer.


Gunner is shooting target practice at a range with first a Heckler & Koch P30 pistol, then a SIG SG 551 rifle.


At 51:30 on the Blu-ray, a neon sign for Michelob Ultra is seen in the bar where Toll Road is drinking. He must be in Rusty's again, because the same neon sign is seen there at the end of the film.


The arch seen at 53:22 on the Blu-ray is the Arcul de Triumf in Bucharest. A similar monument with a similar name exists in Paris, France.


A Lashez store is seen at 53:24 on the Blu-ray in Bucharest. A Stella Artois sign is also seen, presumably in front of a pub or restaurant.


At 53:29 on the Blu-ray, Smilee buys a Ziarul Romanilor newspaper. Ziarul Romanilor is literally Romanian for Romanian Newspaper, a fictitious paper. Copies of Elements: An International Magazine of Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Petrology (although the one seen here is awfully old, the December 2008 issue) and Taller Creativo are also seen on the newsstand. The name of Monica Macovei is seen on an unidentified newspaper as well; Macovei is a Romanian politician.


The car Stonebanks arrives in at 53:53 on the Blu-ray is a 2006 Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG. It has an appropriate Romanian license plate.


The camera Thorn uses to snap pictures of Stonebanks is a Canon EOS 5D.


The car Mars uses for his close call with Luna at 54:19 on the Blu-ray is a 1999 Subaru Outback.


A business called Branka is seen in Bucharest at 54:22 on the Blu-ray. I've been unable to identify whether it is a real world entity.


The van the Expendables use at 56:12 on the Blu-ray is a 1995 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. It has a Nicolae logo on it. I've been unable to identify a real world company associated with the logo.


The Expendables intercept Stonebanks at the Muzeul de Arta Moderna Bucuresti (Bucharest Museum of Modern Art). This is a fictitious museum.


Smilee and Mars lower themselves down the side of the museum from the roof on ropes for the Stonebanks intercept. But how did they get up there in the first place?


The car that Goran Vata arrives in at the museum is a 2006 Audi Q7 3.6 FSI Quattro.


At 1:01:46 on the Blu-ray, Mars uses an M4A1 carbine fitted with a CornerShot to make the around-the-corner shot against a couple of Stonebanks' men.


The crated weapon that Stonebanks shows to Vata at 1:02:18 on the Blu-ray is an FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile.


At 1:03:56 on the Blu-ray, notice that one of Stonebanks' men (named Krug in the credits) has a wicked scar across his face, almost like someone tried to cut half his face off. He carries a Heckler & Koch USP Match pistol.



Barney pulls one of his two Kimber Gold Combat II pistols against Stonebanks during their confrontational ride in the van after Stonebanks' capture; he carried these same pistols in The Expendables and The Expendables 2 as well.


The helicopter that rescues Stonebanks from the Expendables and captures the young Expendables is an AgustaWestland AW109. AgustaWestland has since been merged into Finmeccanica.


During his approach to the airfield, Barney carries a Heckler & Koch G36K rifle. Gunner carries one during the final battle as well.


At 1:11:31 on the Blu-ray, Trench is holding a Heckler & Koch USP pistol on Barney at the airfield before he realizes who it is.


After capturing the young Expendables, Stonebanks refers to them as Harpo, Groucho, Gummo, and Chica. This is a reference to the Marx Brothers, a comedy vaudeville and film act in the first half of the 20th Century of brothers Chico, Harpo, and Groucho, and, during the vaudeville years and for a few early films, Zeppo; the fifth Marx brother, Gummo, did not appear in any films, leaving the act after vaudeville. Stonebanks uses the name "Chica" for Luna instead of "Chico" because "chica" is also a well-known Spanish word for "girl".


Stonebanks grouses that "the boys on the Hill" wanted no loose ends and ordered his assassination. "The boys on the Hill" refers to the politicians on Capital Hill, a metonym for the U.S. Congress.


At 1:15:01 on the Blu-ray, Barney tosses some Petzl gear into a travel case. Petzl is a manufacturer of climbing and caving gear.


At 1:15:09 on the Blu-ray, Barney has a case of Mk 2 and M67 hand grenades in preparation for his showdown with Stonebanks.



As Barney makes some repairs to his plane's engine, Galgo sings a song he says originated with the Spanish Legionnaires that they used to sing while on missions in Croatia. This is an actual Legion song called “El Novio de la Muerte” ("I am the Bridegroom of Death"). Galgo's presence on missions in Croatia probably refers to the Croatian War of Independence from Yugoslavia from 1991-1995.


Drummer tells Barney that Stonebanks has taken his hostages to Azmenistan. This is a fictitious country.


    As Drummer flips through his report on Stonebanks at 1:20:46 on the Blu-ray, it can be read that he has had dealings with the Taliban (an Islamic fundamentalist extremist group in Afghanistan), the Afghan Northern Alliance (a military front of several tribes in Northern Afghanistan in opposition to the Taliban government of 1996-2001), and the União Nacional para a Independencia Total de Angola (UNITA) (a political party in Angola that has been involved in the Angolan War for Independence and the following Angolan Civil War). Stonebanks' involvement with both the Taliban and the Afghan Northern Alliance suggests he was selling arms to both sides of the 1996-2001 conflict. The report also mentions a company not owned by Stonebanks called Air Cess. Burgas Airport in Bulgaria is also mentioned.

    A web search shows that most of this information is taken almost word-for-word from the Wikipedia entry on Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer now serving a 25 year sentence in the U.S. for conspiracy to kill U.S. citizens and officials, delivery of anti-aircraft missiles, and providing aid to a terrorist organization; in Drummer's report, Victor Bout's name is simply replaced with Conrad Stonebanks. (In the 2005 film Lord of War, Nicolas Cage plays a character based in part on Viktor Bout.)


The photograph paperclipped to the Stonebanks report is of the same Azmenistan military man who works with Stonebanks at the explosive-rigged building in the last act of the film.


The plane taken by Drummer, Trench, and Yang is a Cessna 525 Citation Jet.


The Expendables drive through the Azmenistan forest in a Land Rover Defender.


When the Expendables get out of the Land Rover and start walking through the forest, Galgo is talking about "hysterical strength". This is a term used to describe moments of nearly superhuman strength in individuals during a moment of extreme stress or life-threatening situations. There is no scientific evidence of hysterical strength existing in superhuman proportions, but anecdotal evidence suggests to some that bursts of adrenaline are involved due to the stressful situation. Galgo goes on to refer to the phenomenon as "decimononic"; though this does not appear to be a real word, its root words suggest it means something like "ten in one", so he is probably referring to an individual having the strength of ten individuals.


Galgo tells Barney that he was with another mercenary team in Benghazi when all his teammates were killed during the operation, attempting to rescue a hostage. Benghazi is the second largest city in Libya.


The old car seen in the background at 1:26:49 on the Blu-ray is a GAZ M21 Volga, produced in the Soviet Union from 1956-1970.


Doc appears to refer to his knife as Sally.


A number of Heckler & Koch HK416 rifles are seen in use by the Expendables during the final battle.


Stonebanks has the building the Expendables are in wired with C4. C-4 is a type of plastic explosive.


The tanks that surround the rigged building are mostly Uralvagonzavod T-72 M1s.


Smilee and Luna are armed with FN P90 submachine guns manufactured by FN Herstal during the earlier stages of the final battle. Mars takes up a Mossberg 590 shotgun.


The helicopter flown by Drummer during the climactic battle is a Bell UH-1N Twin Huey with two M134 Miniguns mounted on the sides. Trench and Yang fire FN MAG/M240G Machine Guns from either side of the passenger compartment. Drummer's skill at flying (and dogfighting) in it may be an intentional callback to Ford's character of Han Solo in the Star Wars films, piloting the Millennium Falcon.


The motorcycles ridden by some of the Azmenistan military men are KTM 125 SXs.


Gunner is seen armed with a Milkor MGL Mk 1L grenade launcher at 1:33:06 on the Blu-ray.


Thorn is armed with a Heckler & Koch MP5KA5 at 1:34:12 on the Blu-ray.


The helicopter that shoots up the building trying to get Galgo at 1:39:25 on the Blu-ray is an Agusta A-109 K2.


The helicopters Drummer gets into a dogfight with are AgustaWestland AW129 Mangustas armed with M197 Vulcan machine guns.


Doc is armed with a Heckler & Koch MP5KA1 submachine gun at 1:41:16 on the Blu-ray.


Barney again uses his Colt Single Action Army pistol, which he also carried on him in both The Expendables and The Expendables 2.


The military truck that Gunner drives over the tank is a GAZ 66.


At 1:43:05 on the Blu-ray, Luna grabs up a Heckler & Koch UMP45 submachine from a fallen combatant as she and Galgo team up to escape the building.


The military vehicles seen at 1:43:46 on the Blu-ray are a KhTZ MT-LB armed with a mounted NSV Machine Gun (the lead vehicle) and GAZ BTR-60 following.


Smilee grabs up an Arsenal Shipka submachine from a fallen combatant while zooming around on his commandeered motorcycle.


At 1:44:42 on the Blu-ray, soldiers fire RPG-7s and an M202A1 FLASH rocket launcher at Barney as he runs along the edge of an exposed floor of the building.


When Trench and Yang jump onto the roof of the building, Yang is holding a Heckler & Koch MP5A3 submachine gun and Trench an AA-12 shotgun (Trench also used an AA-12 in The Expendables 2).


The military truck Stonebanks jumps into at 1:47:22 on the Blu-ray is a 1966 ZiL 131.


Toll Road carries a SIG SG 552 rifle near the end of the battle.


At 1:48:42 on the Blu-ray, Drummer is seen to have a badge on the left shoulder of his flight suit reading "Red Haze, 73rd, Next". This seems to be a reference to the 73rd Special Aviation Group during the United States' involvement in the Vietnam War from 1962-1973. "Red Haze" was a term used for infra-red imaging equipment used on surveillance aircraft. Quite possibly, Drummer served in the 73rd during the war.


Yang is seen carrying two Springfield Armory XD9 Tactical pistols in the later stages of the rooftop battle.


This film reveals that Yang is now working for Trench, for more money. In The Expendables, one of Yang's complaints to Barney was that he needed to be paid more.


Trench tells the escaping Expendables, "Get to the chopper!" He said this same line in the 1987 film Predator.


After Barney's gunshots severely injure Stonebanks, Stonebanks struggles to his knees and reminds Barney about his orders to bring him back alive for trial at The Hague. Barney then shoots him dead and growls, "I am The Hague." This is a callback to Stallone's role as Judge Dredd in the 1995 film of the same name where his catchphrase was, "I am the law!"


The song playing at Rusty's as the closing scene opens is "Fire In the Streets" by Taddy Porter (2010).


At 1:56:12 on the Blu-ray, a dartboard is seen in Rusty's, with two numbered chalkboards marked with "Cricket" and "Bull". The chalkboards are for scoring dart games, with "Bull" standing for "bullseye" and "Cricket" being the name of a popular darts game.


Lee and Doc's knife throw contest in Rusty's is a callback to a similar one between Lee and Tool at the end of The Expendables.


There is a semi-joking exchange between Barney and the pair of Trench and Yang as if Trench and Yang are a romantic couple. In the scene could be taken as just a gay-baiting joke or legit. According to director Patrick Hughes in an interview at Grantland, the two tough guys are, in fact, a gay couple. I guess their couple name is Trang?


The song the young Expendables sing karaoke to is "Old Man" by Neil Young (1972).

Memorable Dialog

heard you killed more people than the plague.wav
tax evasion.wav
you'd let me rot.wav
the knife before Christmas.wav
suckin' on your daddy's titty.wav
you walked into that one.wav
how much we getting paid for this?.wav
I'm getting car sick.wav
a few headcases.wav
when was your last check-up?.wav
age is just a state of mind.wav
I need a job!.wav
are these your students?.wav
now they're the Deletables.wav
I finally made the big time.wav
that pesky moral conscience.wav
not everyone's as sick as you.wav
they called us.wav
so the good guys could roll in looking like heroes.wav
we saved more lives than you can possibly imagine.wav
I don't have any friends.wav
one-way trip is better than no way.wav
we're late for a war.wav
Christmas is coming.wav
a long-ass flight.wav
look who's talking.wav
he likes you.wav
Drummer's in the house.wav
I am The Hague.wav
I haven't had so much fun in years.wav
If you were 30 years younger.wav
a proud demented father.wav

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